31 July 2011

Developing Skills

The children are each working on developing some important new skills these days. Edmund has figured out how to stand up, but he is still working up the courage to take more than a step at a time. His sword swallowing abilities are coming along as well. Thomas has been putting in hours in the batting cages to improve his pitch to contact ratio. He has also developed a bit more pop in his bat. Maria took it into her head to try out her friend Eli's bike this afternoon, and before you knew it she was breezing around the courtyard like you wouldn't believe.


big daddy said...

Perhaps Edmund should start with something shorter than he is, like a dirk. On the other hand, his sister obviously didn't need a 'training' version to develop her special skills!

Grandma said...

We knew they were brilliant. We miss all of you very much!!!

Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

Such skilled and talented children! I can hardly believe that my little girl is riding a two-wheeler! Wow!