03 May 2011

Pictures from the Octave

Uncle Tom and Aunt Cristin have come and gone, much to our joy and subsequent sadness. The kids still talk about them. Just today little Thomas confidently asserted that they would be coming back soon, and when we happened to be on the floor of the building where they stayed a few days ago, he looked up at me hopefully and asked if we were going to see them. Here are finally a few pictures from their stay with us over the Easter Octave.

Little Edmund with his Uncle Tom

Maria reading stories to her Aunt Cristin

The little princess in her Easter dress

On Tuesday we all went to the zoo in Vienna -
Thomas took a swat at one of the goats in the petting zoo

There were also lots of little baby goats running around

The fake animals are fun too

Checking out the Rhinoceros

Maria strikes a pose for the camera

A rare shot of the happy couple

Lisa's fine camera work from the Gloriette overlooking Vienna

Aunt Katie took her turn doing some of the heavy lifting

A long day at the zoo can be tiring

The next day in Salzburg

Back at home somebody slipped Edmund some Easter chocolate

And, in honor of the feast of St. George the Dragonslayer (April 23, relocated this year to May 1), Lisa made a special cake for Edmund. Thomas and Maria made sure it was dead with their knife-swords before we ate it.


cousin Monica said...

That is a great cake Lisa!

Grandpa Joy said...

Thanks for posting the photes. I really like the one of Maria and Thomas with their arms around each other.

big daddy said...

Well, I certainly raised a clever confectionist!

big daddy said...

Hmmm ... is there something oddly appropriate about celebrating the Dragonslayer's Feast on Socialism's holiday?