22 May 2011

Getting ready for Summer!

With the heat of last summer still haunting us, John and I decided we needed a plan so that our kids could spend this year somewhere other than the bathtub. Last year our "yard" was a parking lot covered in small rocks, with broken glass and nails thrown in to make things exciting. A kiddie pool wasn't even an option. This year, however, we have a patio and grass lawn right outside our door. So, on our way home from the zoo, we stopped at a large store which had pools on sale. The kids were sleeping in the car, so I let John go in and pick the one he thought would be the best. The one he came out with looked like a lot of fun, but we were shocked when we pulled it out of the box and blew it up how big it was. I think the kids will like it. It even has a small area sectioned off with a drain so the water can't get higher than 4 inches, perfect for Edmund. Although I give him week before he figures out how to scale the "wall."

Thomas filling a bowl with water to wet the slide before he goes down.

It's fun for adults to soak their feet in.

Edmund hanging out in the shallow area, while Thomas climbs the slide. Maria's not in the pictures, because she decided it was still too cold.

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