06 November 2010


Here are some pictures of our new home on the School Campus:

This is the grassy area between our flat and the road. There are stables across the street, and the kids love watching the horses walk by. Next are a few shots of the Living / Dining Room.

Below is the kitchenless kitchen (we're still waiting). That electric griddle is sure earning its keep, but I hope I never have to see another sausage.

This is the entryway:

Maria is very excited about having a bunk bed now. And Thomas likes making his lower bunk into a fort with blankets.

Here's the only shot of the master bedroom that hides the mountain of laundry which has amassed since we moved:

And, very exciting, a WC with a sink in the same room!

That's it for our place. The new campus is great and even includes little guest apartments, so should any of you care to take an Austrian vacation, we're well equipped to take care of you while you're here!

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big daddy said...

How nice! All the wayside chapels I've been to have the sink in a different room!