31 October 2010

Feast of Christ the King

Our new apartments are wonderful, but we are lacking a few things...like a kitchen, and the internet. To be honest, the kitchen is more of a priority (for me, we'll see if it is for the workers), but having no internet will mean that posting may be a little scarce. But we'll do our best, we can get online at the Schloss, which is now very close.

Yesterday we heard Mass in Vienna, and had a simple but very nice lunch in a Heuriger dating the 1100s. We then took the kids to the courtyard of the Schloss to play in the huge piles of leaves, while John and I watched some baseball.


Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

These beautiful children are a gift from God. Thanks for the great pictures...can not wait to see all of you in person.

big daddy said...

That maple tree in the back yard is finally dropping its leaves! Bring them over play in them!