20 May 2010

The I.T.I. on You Tube

A priest alumnus of our Institute has put together a well done little video advertisement, complete with some ridiculous out-takes at the end. This will actually give you a pretty good idea of what our life in Austria is really like. I hope you have 10 spare minutes to watch and enjoy it.

I also found an older video put together from last year's Eastern Catholic Symposium in Gaming. 19 bishops as well as many priests, deacons, and laymen of the Catholic East gathered to discuss the role of the Eastern Catholic Churches within the Universal Church, especially as it regards the possibility of serving as a "bridge" between Rome and Constantinople. It was a remarkable event. This video (Holy Liturgy - A Unique Celebration), which I can only link to, will give you an idea of the solemn splendor of the Eastern Catholic Rites, in which we are privileged to take part at the I.T.I., where the Universal Church "breathes with both lungs".


Anna said...

Nice video John.

And I think we here all agree that we enjoyed your part the most.

John said...

Yes, especially at the end, no doubt.