14 May 2010

A Dialogue Concerning Heresies

Having finished up the thesis, I finally got to work on the four papers that I have to write for my other classes this semester. Two of the four are not actually essays, but rather written presentations of particular books which are representative of a given century in the history of the Church. I drew A Dialogue Concerning Heresies by St. Thomas More (16th century) and The Peasant of the Garonne by Jacques Maritain (20th century). First up, then:

The Dialogue Concerning Heresies by Sir Thomas More is more properly called: "A dialogue of Sir Thomas More, knight: one of the counsel of our sovereign lord the king and chancellor of his Duchy of Lancaster. Wherein be treated divers matters / as of the veneration & worship of images & relics / praying to saints / & going on pilgrimage. With many other things touching the pestilent sect of Luther & Tyndale / by the one begun in Saxony & by the other labored to be brought into England." Read more.

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