05 April 2010

Opening Day

Tigers 8, Royals 4. Would've liked to see a better game from Verlander, but nice comeback, and always nice to get a win in a game against the reigning Cy Young award winner. Go Tig's!

Our Tigers:
John: Austin Jackson (and Jeremy Bonderman)
Lisa: Brandon Inge (and Justin Verlander)
Katie: Scott Sizemore (and Rick Porcello)

All of our Tigers moved on this past offseason - Granderson, Thames, and Polanco - and so we've had to pick some new ones.


mary said...

Austin Jackson had a pretty good debut - an RBI and throwing a guy out at the plate!

Craig said...

A very encouraging opener. Even with four runs in five IP, Verlander still retired ten in a row at one point. He's been a bit of a slow starter up to now, so I don't think too much concern is warranted. . .

Jackson looked good, Damon was, shall I say, 'catalytic'. Inge looked good, Magglio hit well, as did Cabrera. Zumaya and Ryan Perry were solid. Coke and Valverde less so, but certainly no alarm bells.

Nice to get Greinke so early in the season, when he's still pitch-count limited. Once they had to go to their pen, it was all over. . .