02 March 2010

Daily Intentions

As the more observant will have perhaps noticed by now, we like to keep track of the Church's sanctification of time by noting to what or whom the months of the year are dedicated. Having done this for some time, I was reflecting on the weekly cycle of dedications, wondering if specific prayer intentions might be matched up with each one. I had a few ideas, and Katie added another, but there are still gaps. Any ideas?

Sunday: The Resurrection.

Monday: The Blessed Trinity.
Pray for the reintegration of our separated brethren into the unity of the Catholic Church?

Tuesday: The Holy Angels.

Wednesday: St. Joseph / Ss. Peter and Paul / The Holy Apostles.
Pray for families, or perhaps missionaries?

Thursday: The Holy Spirit / The Blessed Sacrament / Christ the High Priest.
Pray for priests?

Friday: The Holy Cross / The Passion.

Saturday: Our Lady.

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Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

For Saturday: the conversion of all non-Christians, especially Muslims.
Friday: our suffering loved ones.