16 October 2009

One Small Victory as a Mother

Last night during dinner, after being told to ask politely instead of just grabbing, Maria said ever so sweetly, "May I have some more brussels sprouts, please?"


Christina said...

A three-fold accomplishment: obedience, politeness, and willing consumption of veggies...brussel sprouts, no less!

big daddy said...

That must be quite a sauce you put on the sprouts! You should post the recipe on your blog and charge $.50 a download. You could finance the rest of your time in Austria!

Anna said...

You cook brussels sprouts? Were they on sale?

Monica said...

There's 8 words you never hear from kids.

Lisa said...

Anna, yes, I cook brussels sprouts. I started eating a lot of them because they are rich in iron...and I am not.

Big Daddy, believe it or not, no sauce on these. This is the only way I've ever made them (I found the recipe on Allrecipes.com), and it is one of my favorite cooked vegetables:

-Cut off tough stem of sprouts. Cut an X at the bottom of the sprouts where the cut was made (so heat can get in while cooking)
-Place in shallow dish and drizzle with olive oil, toss to coat
-Sprinkle with coarse salt and ground pepper to taste
-Roast at a high temp (maybe around 400), shaking the pan every 5 min or so to roast evenly, until the outsides are dark brown but not yet black
Delicious! If you take off some of the outer leaves, and roast them in the pan, they get really crispy, and John will even eat those, they taste like chips!