06 October 2009

Katie's Travels

I arrived in Austria almost a week ago, but spent a week in Ireland on my way here. I saw Dublin, Galway, and Dingle. The West coast was absolutely beautiful and I loved walking around the peninsula and spending time on the Irish sea. Here's a few pictures: my first sight of Ireland, from the plane, the Guinness Brewery in Dublin, and the coast in County Kerry.

It's great to be back, seeing everyone, and going to classes again. They started yesterday and are fine so far! I have Greek, philosophical anthropology, political philosophy, natural philosophy, synoptic gospels, and possibly a Church history class, but not sure about that one yet.


Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

These are lovely, Kate. We miss you very much. Classes sound challenging, but I know you are up to the challenge!
On another note, go green!
On still another note, go Tigers!
1-2-3 Mom

Pop said...

Beautiful pictures Katie. Work hard and have fun.

Margo said...

Oh, shucks! We missed on watching a movie together! Not that I'm sorry you're back in gorgeous Europe...just sorry we didn't get to work a cinematic/theology discussion in before hand. Oh well. Another time :-)

Hope your second year continues to go well!

The Grumpy Old Man said...

Hope you remembered to stay off the rocks when you were walking the coast.

Uncle J

Fred and Sharon said...

Did you see Vince Richardson in Dublin? Actually, I think you would have missed him by a couple of days. He is now in Rome.

Grandma said...

Will you have time to hug everyone for me. Sorry about the Tigers.....

Katie said...

Mom, go green? What the? Come on. Thanks for the note, anyway. Miss you too!

Margo, I know! I'm sad too, and I meant to call you before I left but never did :(. First thing, next summer!

Yes I did see Vince in Dublin and spent a few days with him.

And yes, I was sure to stay off the rocks! :P. No more rock diving for me.

I'll be sure the kids get lots of grandparent hugs :)

Aunt Sandi said...

Your class list makes my head hurt. And that's just the titles.

Aunt Sandi (child bride of "The Grumpy Old Man")

Debbie said...

Katie these pictures are beautiful! And oh my GOSH. Your classes sound AWESOME. Here I am taking stuff like Pre-Calc...haha :) love you! happy birthday! p.s. You gotta teach me Greek when you come home!