22 March 2009

Lætare Sunday

And happy Mothers' Day to our dear mothers! On account of the fact that the propers for today's Mass refer constantly to the heavenly Jerusalem as our mother (e.g. the Epistle reading from Gal. 4:22-31), this day was known as "Mothering Sunday". At least in English Catholicism it was traditionally a day to visit the Cathedral (Mother Church) of one's diocese, as well as a day to honor one's own natural mother (source: the ever informative Fish Eaters). St. Joseph's feast day (March 19) was, by the way, the traditional day to honor fathers. So, in our ongoing attempts to recover bits and pieces of Catholic culture wherever we can find them (to add to the many such traditions handed down to us by our own parents), we're trying to be extra nice to Lisa today. Here she is with her two beautiful children, whom she mothers admirably, in my humble opinion ;)


The World of Our Concern said...

This is very interesting to know! We did not know this regarding today being traditionally "mothering Sunday", but fittingly, Susanna was "churched" today (and Gemma was baptized). Thanks for sharing this bit of tradition.


Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

What a beautiful picture of holy motherhood! Lisa, I admire you so much - your holiness and charity are evident...and you obviously love my son, so that counts quite a bit, too!
I am more and more impressed with you as time goes on, and I was always awfully darned impressed! God bless you and those gorgeous kidlets of yours. Hugs and kisses to all. 1-2-3 Mom

John said...


Congrats on having a Christian baby! Give our love to Susanna and to Gemma.

Lisa said...

We are so happy for you and Susanna, I hope it isn't too long before we can see your beautiful daughter! Congratulations on her baptism!

Lisa said...

Somebody Calls Me Nana:
Thanks mom! I have two wonderful mothers to look up to!

The World of Our Concern said...

John and Lisa,

Thank you very much! We hope that we will see you too before long. I hope that you and Maria and baby Thomas are well.