28 March 2009

Beautiful Day!

On Wednesday we were told that, according to the weather reports, today was supposed to be 64 degrees and sunny. As the whole week was downright miserable, so much so that the entire population of Gaming is sick, what with the snow/rain mixture, we were somewhat skeptical. However, we woke up to see the sun shining! What a beautiful thing!

We went for a long, long walk over fields and hills, and saw quite a few of these:

Since I can't help myself (and because I know certain grandmothers who like it) I decided to post some more pictures of Thomas, who is growing bigger and cuter (at least I think so) by the minute. These are from this morning, before our walk. I know it's not really warm enough to go around without any pants on, but Thomas is never so happy as when he's as naked as possible. (I did, however, insist that he wear pants when we went out for our walk.)


Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

You certainly make this grandmother very happy! He is adorable!

Youngest sis said...

O my! I can't wait to see him! ONE MORE SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aunt Jenny said...

You sure do have an adorable little baby!

Grandma said...

I see more of John in him all the time. Where's his glove?