10 June 2012

Some Pictures

John is finished with his studies at the ITI, and yesterday graduated with his class. It's been an exhausting week. Rain began to pour during the ceremony, and it ended early. John took that to mean that he was free to go home, and left before official group shots were taken, so he is not in any of those. Ah well, one way or another I think he will be remembered here.

John is introduced by the President of the Institute. Among other things, he stated that John was "one of the best students here in recent years."

John has his academic biretta placed on his head.

After being granted his Licentiate degree, John joined the members of the faculty, instead of returning to his seat with the other students, because he is now qualified to teach Theology.

John (the one in the middle not wearing a gown) with the other graduates.


Mary said...

Congratulations, John!

The World of Our Concern said...

Congratulations, John; awesome biretta!

big daddy said...

Congratulations! And blowing off the group photos; reminds me of my callow youth!

Pop said...

Halleluia!!! God be praised!

I concur. John and Lisa will long be remembered at the ITI.

Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

All I can say is "wow! way to go!"