28 March 2012

Home again in Austria

It was an exhausting week long tour of the United States, and I am glad to be back again with Lisa and the kids. Thanks to all of you who took care of me on my journey, and sorry I missed the rest of you. Time was too short for much visiting, but if the trip bears fruit then we will be seeing much more of you all from this Summer onward. We have fixed our timeline, by the way, in case any of you are interested. July 5 will be our first day back in the USA. And we're all looking forward to it.


Anna said...

It was good to see you John and we are so excited that you will be bringing your family with you next time. Kisses to the kids from all of us here.

big daddy said...

Loved seeing you again, and can't wait to get you and Lisa and the children back in the USA.