31 January 2011

20 Games

MLB Network is counting down the twenty greatest games of the last fifty years, and the Tigers-Twins thriller of a couple years ago has made it in at #16. Here are the results so far:

#20. May 17, 1979. Phillies @ Cubs.
#19. Oct. 4, 2003. Giants @ Marlins.
#18. Oct. 12, 1980. Phillies @ Astros.
#17. Oct. 17, 2004. Yankees @ Red Sox.
#16. Oct. 6, 2009. Tigers @ Twins.

Watch the highlights of each game with discussion at MLB Network's 20 Greatest Games page.


Aunt Sandi said...

Hello? Who wants to talk about baseball when the Green Bay Packers are in the Super Bowl?!?

John said...

There is no time of year when it's inappropriate to talk baseball ;)

Congrats, though, and I'm pulling for the packers, too. It was great to see them beat up on the Bears last week. Did you watch the game with Uncle John?

Craig said...

Let's see if I can guess at a couple others. . .

Hey! The Pirates-Yankees Game 7 from 1960 is more than 50 years ago! That's just wrong. . .

OK, Twins-Braves Game 7 '91

Reds-Red Sox '75, either Game 6 or 7 (or both)

The Koufax perfect game of '65, which had one hit and two baserunners between the two teams.

Or maybe the Spahn-Marichal (ie, Braves-Giants) 16-inning double complete game. . .

Game 7 of Dbax-Yanks ('01) was pretty cool, too. . .

No doubt the Kirk Gibson home run game ('88, Game 1) will appear somewhere on the list.

I've always been partial to Game 7 of '68, but I doubt it's on the list. . . ;)