05 August 2010

Rust & Mörbisch

The participants in a two week Summer course held here at the ITI were taken on a little excursion to Rust & Mörbisch, a couple of little towns on the near shore of the Neusiedlersee.

Rust is famous for its wines (as is much of the Neusiedlersee region), but also for its storks. Just about every house and building has at least one of these big nests on its roof, with a stork or two keeping watch. They were so motionless that we thought at first that they couldn't be real, but Maria spotted some movement and we were convinced. We walked about for a bit and then had dinner before heading down the lake to Mörbisch.

Every Summer in Mörbisch a floating stage is erected on the edge of the lake for the performing of various Operettas etc. I forget already the name of the one which we saw. We lasted not more than 30 or 40 minutes with the children. They didn't make a scene, gratefully, but we could tell that Thomas was getting pretty restless and so we got out of there before he did.

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