02 January 2010


Since Katie, Brigid, and Aaron were flying into Bratislava, the capital of modern-day Slovakia, instead of Vienna, we took advantage of the opportunity to spend the afternoon in the city before heading to the airport to pick them up.

Long known as Pressburg, this important city on the Danube was the capital of the Habsburg kingdom of Hungary from 1536 (owing to the advances of the Turks) until 1783, when it lost some of its importance under the so-called "enlightened despotism" of the terrible French-Revolution era Kaiser Josef II.

Pressburger Schloss, or in Slovak, Bratislavsky Hrad, the city's hill-top castle overlooking the Danube River.

Maria trying to keep warm in a crazy windstorm.

St. Martin's Cathedral, dedicated to St. Martin of Tours, was coronation site of eleven kings and queens of Hungary between the 16th-19th centuries.

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