02 November 2009

Back from Norcia

We've just returned from a wonderful weekend in Norcia, Italy. The occasion was another priestly ordination of an I.T.I. graduate / Benedictine monk. We left early on Friday morning and managed to stop for lunch in Padua, where we visited the basilica of St. Anthony, and for dinner in Assisi, where we were only able to visit the basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli at the bottom of the hill - it being too late in the evening to venture up into the town.

Regarding pictures... I'm afraid there will be very few forthcoming in the near future since I left the camera unattended beneath the statue of St. Benedict in the middle of the piazza. We haven't seen it since, and at this point it seems unlikely that we'll see it again...

Ah well, though, perhaps we'll be able to steal some of Katie's pictures of the trip to post here.


Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

Did you pray in the Porziuncula? We were awed by that experience. Did you see the rose garden, etc.?

Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

On another topic - photos of kids (and yourselves)??????

Betsy (soon to be OP) said...

Sounds amazing! I was wondering if you could please pray for me this weekend because I'm going on a discernment retreat with the SMME and am going to be talking to Sister Joseph about applying to enter in August. Thanks a bunch!


John said...


We did pray in the Portiuncula, and lit a candle there for Pop. That's all we managed to do, actually, but it was well worth it.

Katie actually got to spend a few hours in the town on Monday on the way back from Norcia, whereas our car opted to stay longer in Norcia for the sung requiem Mass (in the Tridentine rite!) for All Souls' Day.

Re: pictures, see the updated post, and re: your discernment, Betsy, of course we'll pray for you!

Pop said...

Thanks so much for the candle and the prayers.