17 August 2009

Guessing game

Each morning upon awaking, before doing anything else, John checks two things. Who can guess what they are?

Hint: (and this picture was taken exactly as I found the desk a few mornings ago)

Based on the pictures below, who can guess one way in which Thomas resembles his Nana?


Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

John checks the saint of the day and the current Tiger stats.
And Thomas has curls!

Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

and by the way, I made that first guess BEFORE I made the picture bigger!

Anna said...

Will's guess based on the picture was that he checks the new calender against the old calender. I guess my is the outcome of the previous night's Tiger's game.

I think that baby Thomas's curls resembles those of his Nana.

Grandma said...

I don't care who he looks like; he's cute!

Curls never came from my side of the family anyway.

Lisa said...

Nana wins! (I guess Anna wins too).

Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

Is there a prize? ;)